nanabun no nijyuuni


22/7 and the story of
their beginning...

22/7 (nanabun no nijyuuni) is a digital idol and voice actors’ project produced by famed producer Yasushi Akimoto.
Featuring characters designed by top creators of the industry and talents chosen from 10,325 applicants,
the group has always been challenging themselves in various fields of entertainment such as singing,
live performance, YouTube projects, and appearance on TV programs.
In January 2020, to celebrate the third-year anniversary of their debut, the much-awaited television animation series will be released!

In this animation series, the audience will witness the secrets behind the group’s debut and the story
leading up to their creation via the difference viewpoints of each member.
“What is important is to believe
in yourself and take a step forward...”
A drama of adolescences, vibrant with unique characters, will be brought to you along with their beautiful singing voices!

22/7 Artist Official Site